Practical furniture maintenance knowledge

Practical furniture maintenance knowledge

2019-07-26 17:47

[Summary Description]The furniture that everyone buys is generally divided into two types: panel furniture and solid wood furniture. So what should the furniture care about?

The furniture that everyone buys is generally divided into two types: panel furniture and solid wood furniture. So what should the furniture care about?
How to maintain the panel furniture?
Panel furniture is often used for custom furniture, and there are many types of panel furniture. Relatively speaking, it needs to pay more attention than solid wood furniture.
1. The panel furniture should not be placed in a place with high temperature, humidity, strong vibration and strong light, and keep the room ventilated.
2. The surface of the panel cabinet should be protected from corrosive liquids such as sprinkling, banana water, gasoline, water, nail polish, strong acid, strong alkali and so on.
3. When there is dust on the surface of the cabinet, use a wool or soft cloth to remove dust. If there is stain on the surface, it should be cleaned with sand.
4. Do not hit the furniture with hard objects, and avoid hitting the glass and hardware decorative surfaces. For the panel, it can be treated periodically with “furniture care solution” while keeping the interior of the cabinet clean.
5. Hardware decoration (including gold-plated) parts only need to be cleaned with a dry rag. Do not use chemical-containing detergents. Do not use gold-plated parts to clean gold-plated parts. For example, black spots on the surface of gold-plated parts are difficult to remove. Wipe and clean.
6. If there is a phenomenon of lifting and separating from the edge of the furniture, you can put a thin cloth on the surface and iron it with iron to restore it.
7. If the home has scratches and bruises, it can be treated with the same color paint. Regularly check the furniture edge fittings and find that there are loose places to tighten in time.
How to maintain solid wood furniture?
1. Try to avoid direct sunlight to avoid oxidation of the paint surface.
2. When placing, avoid high temperature and dry place to prevent cracking and deformation of wood.
3. It should not be placed in a very humid place, so as to prevent the wood from exploding, it is easy to be rotten for a long time, and the drawer can not be opened.
4. It is not advisable to hit the surface of the furniture with heavy objects or cut things directly on the surface of the furniture to prevent damage to the surface or to harden the furniture on the ground.
5. Try to avoid children jumping and playing on the furniture, so as not to damage the furniture structure.
6. Avoid washing with water or furniture made of wet cloth plywood. Do not soak in alkaline water to prevent the splint from dispersing or degumming.
7. Avoid using pigments that are different from the original paint color of the furniture. It is necessary to use the same color pigment and putty to mix and evenly embed the cracks in the furniture to avoid leaving scars.
9. Avoid washing the furniture with alkaline water, or place corrosive liquid, high-concentration alcohol, banana water and freshly boiled boiling water on the furniture surface to prevent damage to the paint surface.
10. Wipe off dust with a clean soft cloth. Do not wipe with a dry cloth. It is best to use regular furniture wax maintenance once a month, and the surface is covered with bright lacquered furniture.

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